Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eating in Gwangjang Market

One of my favorite markets in Seoul to visit is Gwangjang Market near Jongno-5-ga. Great shopping (just picked up a hanbok for a wedding coming up soon... can't wait to post photos) and lots and lots of food. If you come during the daytime, there are a lot of options. Lots of normal Korean food like noodles and bibimbap, and lots of all the weird Korean food you've always been curious to try, like pig's noses and live octopus. If you go at night, the scenery changes a little. Many food stalls and shops close down, but certain shops that serve alcohol will stay open until the wee hours of the morning. Korean pancakes of all shapes and sizes can be found here and makkoli must be drunk to to accompany them.

Rows of food stalls open at night

Piles of 전, Korean pancakes piled and ready to eat.

An ajumma, who was the star of the cover of 10 Magazine's February edition.

The 모듬전 that the ajumma served up.

We asked her to pose for a photo and she was really excited to do it. 

This one was all her idea. She was so friendly! 

An afternoon or an evening in Gwangjang Market is a must do in Seoul. You can find this right outside Jongno-5-ga Station on line 1. It is also within walking distance of Dongdaemun and it's not a bad place to grab some food after doing your shopping. It seems to be growing in popularity with foreigners. Japanese tourists love this market, and you can see lots of westerners here snapping photos of the strange food for sale.


  1. :O Looks like I have to go back to Seoul,,,I have so many things to do/see/eat :)
    by the way... that Lasagna looked very tasty!! ...by the way I use Gouda cheese some times to make it ;) in fact...I've never used Ricotta cheese :S

  2. people keep suggesting all these other cheeses, like Gouda and cottage cheese. But, it doesn't matter, they are all ridiculous expencive or just not available here!

  3. Oh that market is a blast! Shitake mushrooms the size of an extra large pizza; bolts of fabric in every hue, tint and saturation of every color; fish parts humans aren't supposed to see, let alone eat!