Thursday, April 21, 2011

FC Seoul vs. Nagoya, Japan

We headed out to World Cup Stadium in Sangam on Tuesday night for our first FC Seoul game of the year. This was a Champion's Leauge match which is an international tournament matching Asia's best local teams. This was an especially tense match as it was against Nagoya, Japan. Matches between Japan and Korea are always a little tense as Japan is Korea's biggest rival, not to mention the historical tentions between the two countries.

Despite being a Tuesday at 8 pm, there was a decent crowd in the stadium. Nagoya fans had a small but enthusiastic representation.

I'm sorry to report, though, that this is the first FC Seoul loss that I have seen live. They lost 2:0 and it wasn't the most exciting game that I've seen.  But, despite the loss, it was still a fun time to meet some friends, eat some pizza, have a drink and sing some FC Seoul cheers.

1 comment:

  1. Irritating, disappointing loss.

    Still, Jeonbuk won and goes through, so K-League is still represented in the next round.