Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Best Pajeon You'll Ever Have

Tucked away down an alley near Hoegi Station (line 1/Jungang line), in an unassuming little storefront without the glitz of neon lights, exists a little piece of heaven called 낙서파전. Wildly popular with students of this college area it's well known for it's unimaginably cheap eats and drinks. While they serve lots of things, they are best known for their unique seafood pancake (해물 파전) which is not only bigger than your average jeon, but is also three times the thickness and has a special crispy layer on the outside. This pajeon will easily satisfy the stomachs of 3 or 4 people. But, even if it doesn't it's so cheap at only 8,000 won that you can afford to order another and not break the bank.

We were also impressed with their tofu kimchi, and foreigners and Koreans alike agreed that it was some mighty fine kimchi they were serving up here. 

But, of course, eating Korean pancakes can not be complete without a bit of rice wine. First we ordered some Makkoli, but after thinking a bit we decided that dongdongju was going to be necessary. Here we are, pouring the dongdongju into a bowl as it is typically served with a wooden ladle. 

And it is drunk from a bowl rather than a cup as is makkoli.

I highly recommend looking around for this place if you're in the Hoegi Station area. I tried to get a google map for this restaurant, but it shows up one street over on the map. You can find it on a side street about 100-200 meters from exit one of Hoegi station on a side street on the left hand side of the road.


  1. Pajeon alley there is one of my absolute favorite places to get some good, cheap, AMAZING pajeon.

  2. I'm bookmarking this and dragging Steve there one of these days! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. No prob, Jo, I hope you guys enjoy!! And make a video while you're there!!

  4. Hi Joanna,
    Nice blog! I can't wait to try the pajeon and tofu kimchi. ^^