Saturday, April 30, 2011

Authentic Vietnamese in Seoul: Com Binh Dan


Finding authentic Vietnamese is probably one of the harder international cuisines to come by in Seoul. While there are several Vietnamese chains, they are quite Korean-ized and a bit overpriced. We stumbled across this little restaurant run by a Vietnamese woman in an officetel near our place this week. It's kind easily passed by as it is inside the building, but I hope for no longer!

Cilantro, celery leaves and bean sprouts for the Pho

My bun thit nuong, made with cold vermicelli noodles with vegetables, meat and some spring rolls. 6,000 won.

A plate of spring rolls, 5,000 won.

Plain Pho, which was our favorite of the night, 4,500 won.

Finding this place is a little challenging as their restaurant isn't visible from the street. They now have this balloon out in front of the building, so if you go in the entrance next to the family mart you can find it.

****UPDATE**** 5/9/2013: This restaurant has closed :-(


  1. Thanks for this! I hope I find it.

  2. found this while searching Dave's ESL cafe. I live in Germany but will be visiting Korea shortly. I'm bustin my balls paying 8 euros for Pho here.

    Thanks for the info, as I'll sure be visiting this place.

  3. Unfortunately, this restaurant is now closed :-(