Friday, April 22, 2011

Need some suggestions...

Now that the TOPIK is over I'm finding myself with a lot of extra time on my hands with not much to do. I'm looking for some new sights to see either in Seoul or close to Seoul to check out on my afternoons when I'm not working. Do any of my readers out there know of any really unique places in Seoul, something that may not show up in the Lonely Planet or hasn't been blogged to death? Some cool markets, special neighborhoods or upcoming festivals that you'd like to see get more recognition? If so, please leave me a comment! Please, nothing more than an hour away from Seoul, I'm looking for trips I can do in an afternoon or so.


  1. I would recommend on going to places that you haven't been. It doesn't matter if they have been blogged to death or not. Your story about going there hasn't.

  2. It's just that I think I've probably been to just about all the places that have been blogged to death. Most of them many times. I want to find someplace new and interesting... AND somewhere I haven't been. If you could tell me somewhere that HAS been blogged to death that I still haven't been I'd be more than willing to go. I almost went to Yeoido yesterday to see the cherry blossoms, but I wound up not having enough time because I talked to my mom on the phone for too long since I didn't have any definite plans. Anyway, if there's somewhere that has been blogged to death that you can't find on this blog, please let me know so I can check it out.

    I just said that so that someone who came here on vacation didn't tell me "wow, Namsan was really great, you should check it out!" or "The Cheonggyechong stream is really beautiful, it's worth a look!". I live in central Seoul so these places are like my backyard, literally. I want to find somewhere off the map. Right now I want to go to Bangsan market and the antiques market in janganpyong. Also, there's a park a little north of here called dream.. something.. park I don't remember exactly, that I might check out too.

  3. I agree with the Ranger on this.

    The trick is to find some unique angle. Even a place that everyone has heard about can produce an interesting post, if you find some aspect of it that most people wouldn't notice or care about - I guess that's your task, then, to notice something and care about it enough to make other people care too.

    If you purposely go looking for places no one has written about, you might find there was a reason for that, i.e., that there's nothing of intrinsic interest about it. In that case, your task would be the same as above, anyway.

    Good luck with all your free time. It's something we crave mightily for when we are busy and then very often we thrash about aimlessly unless we make a plan.

  4. Really, I'm just looking for somewhere new that I haven't been to yet!