Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And now for something slightly different...


I was taken out to a typical Korean barbecue last week, but we wound up eating something a little different from the typical galbi or samgyupsal. 

First up on the menu was 열단불고기 which is very thinly sliced pork in a slightly spicy sauce which you grill on the table. The photo above is how it was served and the photo below is how it looked when we put it on the grill.

Next up on the menu was 돼지 껍데기 or pig skin. Now, before you say how disgusting it is, remeber that americans eat pork rinds which are also pig skin just deep fried... which is also disgusting, but people eat that too. 껍데기 is not my favorite, but I can eat it when encouraged by enough people.

Finally up was 소금구이 which, as far as I can tell is just grilled 목살, neck meat, which is supposed to be dipped in the salt which is pictured below.

In any case, lots of slightly different food which was all very delicious!

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  1. this beats the hell out of the rice and chicken I'll have for dinner tonight... Hrm... I wonder if I can sneak away for some BBQ.