Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Glasses!

Today after a trip to the boyfriend's grandmother's house (always an interesting experience) we stopped on the way home to get me some new glasses. I generally wear my contacts, but I think I bought my glasses in high school or college, anyway, its so long ago I don't remember. I've been talking about getting new glasses here in Korea forever, since it's SO cheap, so I'm glad I finally got around to it.

When I say cheap, I mean cheap. If you want something really basic, you can get a pair for as low as 25,000 won, including the exam (it's not a doctor, but they know what they are doing) frame and lenses. I opted for more expensive ones, since I'd like them to last as long as possible. The expensive ones were 100,000 won for the frames, and 25,000 won for the lenses. A grand total of 125,000 won for the whole thing (about $102.00 USD, including the prescription check. They were even wise enough to let me walk around with the coke bottle tester glasses to check the new prescription to make sure I didn't feel dizzy. I hate when I get glasses and don't want to wear them because I feel sick because the prescription is too strong. In the end, I kept with my old prescription because the new one did make me feel a bit woozy even though I could see better.

After I picked out the frame, they whipped it up for me in just 10 minutes. Maybe less actually. So far I'm quite happy with the new frames. They're pink again, just like I swore I wouldn't do, but pink looks so much better on my face than any other color... maybe I'll get a cheap pair of 25,000 won glasses to wear when I'm wearing clothes that don't go well with pink... it's so cheap it can't hurt.

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