Saturday, September 12, 2009

당구장- Billiard Hall

Billiards, or pool if you will, is a rather popular game in Korea. I didn't realize this for the longest time. I always wondered what those places with red and blue circles on the signs were, but pool, for some reason never occurred to me.

Thursday night we were out with our friend who is a instructor at Weidae University, her boyfriend, and two of her students, one Japanese girl and one Chinese guy. After a few rounds at the local HOF, the Chinese guy insisted we play pool next. We headed over to the local 당구장 (당구 danggu- billiards, 장-chang- place). We played an hour of eight ball, and I think it was about 4,000 won (about USD 3.30). Eight ball doesn't seem to be very popular here, though. The most popular game is straight rail billiards. In other words, a game where you hit the cue ball to hit the other two balls on the table. No pockets, and a much more subtle game. Nothing that slow and calculated could ever amuse me though.....

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