Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The whole world is watching.....

Here I am, in front of my TV (which is next to my computer), watching the inauguration of Barack Obama. I tried to watch on CNN/facebook, but for some reason my computer wouldn't allow it, so I'm watching MBC, the biggest news broadcaster here in Korea, and their live broadcast of the inauguration ceremony. I'm struggling to hear the English spoken under the Korean dubbing, but how can I complain? At least I can watch it. When they say that the whole world is watching, they are not exaggerating. Even my elementary school students know about Obama and ask me about him.

At one of the westerner's bars in Itaewon, there is a huge celebration going on right now, and many of the teachers at my school are there, though, they've probably gone home by now, they work much earlier than I do. As I watch now, Aretha Franklin has just taken stage to sing My County Tis Of Thee. Even from 11,000 miles away, I can feel the excitement. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be in DC at this moment.

We'll see how late I can manage to stay up, it's now 2 am, and it looks like this may go on for a while. I may wind up having to watch the rest when I wake up in the morning.


  1. Hey hey! I just watched it too, I've been glued to cnn all morning, pretty exciting stuff. Wish I could go to the inaugural ball and get drunk with Obama.

  2. Drunk with Obama or Anderson Cooper? haha Im glad you got to see part of it JOJO. People over here are going crazy! Its a good day for everyone.