Thursday, January 29, 2009

Victoria Peak

The Peak is a view point of the city from atop one of the high peaks on Hong Kong Island. To get to the top, you can take the Peak Tram, which is a rather expencive, but quite entertaining form of transportation. It is essentially a trolley that goes straight up the side of the mountain. It sort of has a roller coaster feel to it. The tram will take you up to the top of the peak and into a huge tourist complex. After passing many restaurants and stores, you can go up to the top deck to get a view of the Hong Kong sky line. There is a whole mall outside of the peak building, plus a walking path to get away from the hoardes of tourists.

Usually I stay away from shopping areas like this, because they tend to be way overpriced, but I did find myself a cute little ox for only $80 HKD. (aprox. $12 USD) . I usually hate knicknacks like this, but I am the year of the ox, and I was in Hong Kong for the year of the ox, so I thought I needed a little ox to comemorate the experience. Surprisingly, we were able to bargain in this store. The original price was $98, but my friend said $80 and the shopkeeper accepted the price.

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