Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Avenue of Stars and a view of Hong Kong Island

One of our first stops in Hong Kong was to see the 8:00 pm light show from the Avenue of Stars. When we stepped out of the building onto the boardwalk and I was completely overwhelmed by the view. It was by far the most amazing cityscape I've ever seen in my life. All the tall skyscrapers, belonging to companies from all over the world, line the harbor on Hong Kong island. The light show is a combination of strobe lights and sparkling lights on the buildings on the island that are coordinated with music. It was interesting to see, but I think the actual view of the harbor at night was much more amazing than any flashing lights.

We watched the light show from the Avenue of Stars. This a walkway along the harbor in Kowloon where many famous Chinese movie stars have thier names in the sidewalk, and many have thier hand prints. We first went that first night, but we decided we had to go back durring the day so that we could get our photos with the stars.

Here's me with Jet Li's handprint.

Here's me with Jackie Chan's handprint. He used to be one of my heroes when I was younger. I still love Jackie Chan movies! This was so exciting!

Here's a view of the harbor durring the daytime. The small building is the convention center.


  1. ooooooooo, your hair is getting so long!

  2. So, my friends got a picture of Bruce Lee's star, but I never found it. There were no hand prints there anyway, just the star.