Thursday, December 4, 2008

외인구당- Waeingudan...

The things I stumble across when I should be going to bed.... This is evidently a Korean program that features Korean speaking foreigners... they give them some quizzes and joke around with them. I watched the first half... I can understand some things, but watching all these non-Koreans speaking Korean so well makes me very jealous... will I ever be able to speak anywhere near that well? I'm getting better at basic conversation... but my listening comprehension skills are terrible, and the nouns and adjectives that I know not nearly sufficient to make much progress... I'll keep working at it... that's all I can do...


  1. What is this show supposed to be about. From the hearts and all the pop-ups it seems like that old show...Blind Date.

  2. Well from the little bit I can pull out... It would seem as though they are quizzing the foriegners on how well they can speak Korean... I didn't watch the whole show though... understanding every 15th word or so started to get old after 20 mins.