Thursday, December 11, 2008


No, not the water that falls from the sky. The Korean pop star also known as 비. My day has been full of Rain for some reason, and I thought it fitting to post about him.

This week in hip hop class we are learning the dance move to a song called Fresh Woman by Rain. Here's a video I found while surfing YouTube. This is basically the exact dance that I'm learning... but... Rain makes it look a little better.

Some people have heard of Rain due to Steven Colbert's running feud with him for beating him in Time Magazines top most influential people. To see what happened when Colbert and Rain met, watch this video....

For various other Rain references on the Colbert Report, Click Here and search for Rain. It's worth your time. Trust me.

But, what I don't understand is how Rain made it to #1 of Time Magazine's top 100 most influential.... outside of Asia, who really knows about him? I hadn't even heard of him until this week. When my kids talk about musicians, they usually only talk about Big Bang and Wondergirls. Though, he did star in Speed Racer that was out this summer.... My kids were talking about some character named Rain (oops, not a character, an actor... I thought I was misunderstanding them). Has he done anything else that noteworthy? Americans don't watch Korean dramas too often... (we're too lazy to read subtitles). Any thoughts?

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