Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shopping Underground

Some of the best shopping to be had in this city is found in various subway stations and underground shopping areas. Last weekend we shopped around for hours in the shopping area by the entrance to Gangnam Station. My friends stocked up on jewelry and "hair bling" as we call it (See second photo). I found two turtlenecks for 4,900 each. They were exactly what I've been looking for and for just the price I've been looking for too.

You can find all types of stores in the underground markets. Cell phone booths are quite common, and so are shoe and costume jewelry sellers. Inside Anguk station, I found more artsy type stores, since its a neighborhood famous for boutiques and galleries. Any price range of clothes can be found from ultra cheap to fairly expensive. Make up stores are also common too. Basically, anything that you can think of, you can find in an underground market. No trip to Seoul is complete without shopping in one!

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