Thursday, December 18, 2008

Newest Studio Ghibli Film! ^.^

So, lately I've been seeing these movie posters around Seoul for a new animation movie that looked quite stereotypically like Studio Ghibli's work. I just looked it up and found out that this is the newest release. The movie is called Ponyo On A Cliff (US release title) and while Disney has made no official statements about the cast, various sites, including say that Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall will be producing, while the voice cast may include stars such as Matt Damon, Tina Fey, Cate Blanchett, Liam Neeson, Lily Tomlin, Betty White, Fankie Jonas, Noah Cyrys and Cloris Leachman. I'm glad Disney always pulls out all the stops on Miazaki's films.

Wikipedia has a short summary of the movie, and it seems to be a story about a mermaid or fish girl who becomes human against her father's wishes. Seems sort of similar to The Little Mermaid, but It was made by Miazaki, so it has to be amazing. People have been comparing it to Totoro.

Anyway, while there is no release date, it would seem that they are shooting for a 2009 release date. There's no reason why it should take more than a year to release it in the US. It's too bad I probably won't be home to see it in the theaters.... booo... oh well. I'm excited either way.

Feel free to check out the Japanese trailer. To get subs, click the up arrow in the bottom right hand corner:

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