Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok..... so..... here's a club we found in Hongdae. We stood outside for about a good 2 minutes staring at the name and wondering what orgiastic laical could possibly be and why anyone would actually enter a club called Club Tool. Finally, after contemplating over the word laical for a while, we walked up to the bouncer at the door and asked him what laical meant. Of course he told us he wasn't sure, it was just the name of the club, but we insisted that it made no sense. So he pulled out his handphone dictionary (just about every cell phone in Korea has random funcitons like dictionaries and subway maps... except mine... getto...). Evidently it means secular. I just looked it up on Merriman-Webster too. Here's the definition:
or la·ic \ˈlā-ik\
Late Latin laicus, from Late Greek laïkos, from Greek, of the people, from laos people
: of or relating to the laity : secular
laic noun
la·ical·ly \ˈlā-ə-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Needless to say, we did not enter the Temple of Orgiastic Laical.... but I would really like to know what sort of people do enter the Temple of Orgiastic Laical.......


  1. I've been to this club and it's actually kind of cool. I think they usually play House music. My friends and I met a famous Korean comedian, Yoon tak(윤택) there in the spring!

  2. verrry interesting! It probably doesn't attract many foreigners because of its name. We do keep meaning to check it out... just to say we've been there...