Monday, August 4, 2008

War Photos from Iraq

So, while listening to NPR on podcast (I'm an NPR addict, even over here... I'm a geek, but I'm proud of it) I head about this blog:

This blog is by a war photographer named Zoriah who takes some incredible photographs. He is significant right now though, because he was embedded within a battalion in Iraq when there was a suicide bomb attack. He was able to get photos of many of the casualties before the military officials of his unit were able to stop him. They tried to confiscate the memory card of his digital camera, but he refused to give it up, because that is not within the regulations regarding journalists in Iraq. He posted many photos on this blog, but within hours the military had discovered what he did, and essentially dragged him out of the his unit and shipped him back to the Green Zone. Although the military tried to get him to take the photos off his blog, he refused. Now the photos that he took of dead American soldiers are some of the only that exist in publication of the entire Iraq war because of the extreme control the military has put on free press regarding photos taken in Iraq.

If you want to see these pictures of this suicide bombing in Anbar, you can find the link here:

But, please keep in mind that these are real images of a real suicide bombing attack. It is gruesome. But, as I see it, it is the truth.

Oh, and if anyone is interested in the NPR podcast, it was broadcast on August 1st, 2008 from the program called On The Media. Just search for the program in the iTunes store, all NPR/PRI podcasts are free. It was very interesting, and had an interview with Zoriah himself.

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