Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain's Running Mate

I've been quite curious to see who McCain was going to pick as a running mate. I was quite scared for a moment that he was actually considering choosing Mitt Romney.. in which case I would have lost the last shred of respect for the man that I still have. I really did like McCain until this presidential race. Anyway, he chose Alaska governor Sarah Palin which seems to have come out of the blue, but probably an extremely wise choice for him. As far as Republicans go, she seems like an excellent candidate. I still don't think I'd vote for McCain because Paulin is also anti-abortion and against gay marrage. But, I don't think our country would really turn to shambles if McCain & Paulin were elected to office like I believed correctly about Bush. Anyway, to learn a little more about Paulin quickly, has a slide show of some of her life and accomplishments.

It's quick and visual. Which is always nice. I'm sure you can find some real articles on her if you look as well though.

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