Monday, August 4, 2008


On Thursday, we decided to leave Seoul for the first time since we've gotten here and head over to Incheon. It's about an hour on Line 1 on the subway, unless you grab the express train which skips over more than half the stops between Yongsan and Incheon Station.

Our first stop when we got here was lunch in Chinatown. This is the only Chinatown in all of Korea. According to the CIA world factbook, there are only about 20,000 Chinese in South Korea, although I have a feeling that is a slightly low estimate. But, either way, it's still a small number. We got cha-jang myon 자정면 , which is black bean sauce with noodles. It's I guess the Koreanized form of Chinese food. It's pretty good, a nice break from the crazy spicy Korean food.
From Chinatown we just climbed the stairs that are half way down the main street and went through the big gate to get to Jayu Park (Freedom Park). Within Jayu Park, if you climb as high up as you can, you can find the US Treaty Memorial. It has a very interesting design if nothing else.
To one side of the park, a short walk from the US Treaty Memorial, you can find the monument dedicated to General McArthur.
After Jayu Park we caught the #2 bus and headed over to Wolmido (do means island, so I guess you could call it Wolmi Island, although, its really more of a peninsula than an island). You can catch this bus right in front of Incheon Staion, and it costs the same as a Seoul city bus and T-Money cards work too. In Wolmido we stuck our feet into the Pacific Ocean, which is always a nice accomplishment to have when you're from Boston. There is a boardwalk here with some restaurants and such.
We walked over to Wolmi Park, where there is a hill you can climb over or around. We sort of took a middle road. We'd had too much climbing after our trek up Inwangsan to think about climbing another hill. The paths here were paved and nice for walking. If you can read Korean, there were signs showing the local flora and fauna to keep your eyes out for. At the bottom of the park, you can find a small park with some nice buildings to check out.

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