Friday, March 15, 2013

L'atelier and Passion5

Maybe you have noticed, but generally I spend my time frequenting a lot of restaurants, but there is little in me that would inspire me to go to any restaurant that would be described as 'posh', 'hip', or 'trendy'. However, I was invited by some coworkers to go to L'atelier, a restaurant specializing in Italian foods (despite its french name) and renoun on the Korean blogosphere for its desserts. To the point that when we arrived, we were asked if we actually wanted to eat a meal, or just desert.

We did decide to eat lunch here however, and so the three of us ordered the lunch set, at 26,000 per person. Salad, rolls, pasta, and a drink (coffee, milk or soda) was included.

Warm rolls!

Asparagus and seafood salad

Carbonara with an egg

Seafood Pasta

The food was good, portions are small, as you'd expect with any restaurant with prices this high, I suppose. More than I'd pay if I were choosing a restaurant, but the taste was decent. Though, it seems hard to screw up pasta. The rolls were definitely appreciated though.  If only there had been more...

But, of course, as I mentioned, this place is most famous for desserts, so we had to order... two...

First we got the 'Chestnut Crepe'... (15,000 won)

But, they all looked so delicious that we also got a 'Dutch Pancake' (16,000 won)...

This may be one of my first posts on desserts, and there's a reason for it. I lack the sweet tooth which most girls have. But, for someone who doesn't enjoy or crave sweets, I must say that this was pretty good. I am not a big chestnut fan, so the chestnut crepe was just ok, but the dutch pancake was quite nice. It took a while to bring out because they make it when it's ordered, but we didn't mind as we used that time to consume the crepe and digest our pasta.  The prices aren't cheap, but actually considering that they are easily split 2~4 ways, the price is certainly not unreasonable.

On our way out, we had to pass through Passion5 on the first floor, and couldn't help but look around.

Now, I can't attest to the taste of anything here, and I generally have low expectations for anything sweet in Korea, but at least it all looked good from the outside....

Per standard in a bakery in Korea, the cuteness was overflowing...

But, even if your sweet tooth isn't calling, they do have other kinds of snacks as well...

If you're in for a splurge, or a hyper-boost of Korean sweets, this is definitely the place to go.

729-74 Hannam-dong
Seoul, Korea
L'atelier Phone: 02-2071-9507
Passion5 Phone: 02- 2071-9505

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  1. Seems like every time I come to this blog there's a new theme...

    This really is a great pace to come and have some sweets. Great selection... and the coffee isn't too bad either.