Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blue Fish: Seafood in Gangnam

Several weeks ago I was invited to a meal at Blue Fish, a Santorini themed sashimi restaurant in Gangnam. They specialize in a from-the-sea-to-the-plate experience making sure to bring you only the highest quality seafood available. This is their first location to be opened, but knowing that this is operated by the same company that runs YeonTaBal, you can know what to expect. 

The restaurant has many custom, privatized eating areas for groups, and another open eating area for smaller parties.

I particularly liked the ambiance here, it sort of felt as if we were underwater.

As customary in Korea, the tanks are out in the open for all to see. I was assured that dead fish are never served, which apparently is something that does happen in other local restaurants.

As to be expected here, the banchan are served almost like an art form.

We ordered one of the set menu options. First we were brought over this exquisite plate of sashimi...

And then our own personal chef came over to personally cut up and serve our main dish of sashimi.

While this was quite a huge amout of food, my hosts insisted on ordering two portions of 생선조림 (Saengseon Jorim) which is thickly stewed fish in spicy sauce.

Waste not, want not, the parts of the fish that we didn't eat as sashimi were thrown into this pot and brought over to us as maeuntang, or spicy fish stew.

Though I was already bursting through the seams, more came out. A basket of yummy twigim (deep-fried vegetables) and 생선구이 (Saengson Gui), fried fish.

Finally, we were served a light desert of fruit, a perfect ending to this huge feast.

As you might be able to guess from the photos, this is definitely a high-end restaurant. It's a good choice if you want to go out for a special occasion or impress a girlfriend or client, or if you just have a craving for high quality food. Since Blue Fish oversees the fishing and transport of all their seafood, prices for the course menu start from 65,000 per person and go up from there depending on what kind of fish you order. They also have a lunch menu to check out, too.

서울 강남구 
논현동 165번지 
서희빌딩 2층

SeoHui Building 2F
Nonhyup-dong 165
Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone: 02-547-9223
Website: (Korean only)

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**I was invited here by staff of the restaurant with the intent of publishing on my blog. I did receive a free meal for writing this blog post. **

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