Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Photography

Weddings are stressful events to be sure,  and after being part of two weddings (well, being in one and planning the shower for another) I have decided one thing. Weddings are perhaps worth it mostly for the photos. Taking the photos and posing for the photos and editing the photos and getting the final photos. While I probably should have been doing more important maid-of-honor duties, I decided that I would be the unofficial photographer for the day. It was the one skill I could lend to the bride since I'm not good at stuff like make-up and dresses and shoes.

I highly recommend cupcakes instead of a real cake for your next wedding. It's cheaper and when people aren't hungry for cake after their big meal, they're much more likely to snag one later while they're dancing and working up an appetite.


  1. Lovely Photographs of Wedding. Wedding photography is a precise and subtle art. To recreate the atmosphere of the wedding, as well as to get plenty of beautiful portraits of the bride, bridegroom, their families and friends, you need more than good equipment and hard work.

  2. Those pictures are great! My friend is getting married and I have been helping her plan it. It is a lot harder than I thought is was going to be. Tonight we are going to check out pictures from a bunch of wedding photographers that she has picked out. I love the cupcake idea, thanks for sharing!