Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cheongnyangni Fruit Market

Since moving, I've gotten the chance to find some new places to shop around me. We have been thinking about home brewing some hard apple cider (we're becoming quite the brewery in our house nowadays) and so on our way home from Cheongnyangni on Sunday night we swung by the Cheongnyangni fruit market to see if we could find any apples for cheap.

The market is huge, and although it seems to specialize in fruit, there are other things for sale as well. We first found one seller selling about 6 apples for 2,000 won and we though that was a pretty good price and picked some up. But, we realized that 6 apples was not going to be nearly enough so we kept wondering. 

We turned down an alley trying to find a less crowded street to walk since we had our bikes with us, and we found this seller in the photo below. Those  things on the ground were 6 bowls of apples that he was trying to get rid of at the end of the night for 8,000 won total. Some of them were a bit bruised and old, but since it is for cider, not for eating, we figured we'd take advantage of the super cheap price and we bought them all. So, in total we got about 30 or so apples (and one random pear that got mixed in) for 10,000 won. We did pretty well I'd say.

More on cider brewing later... but here is a preview.... 


  1. O_o

    I can't wait to go visit you and try some of the Cider/Wine you make :)

  2. How to go to Cheongnyangni Market from Seoul? Thank you.