Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back in Korea

I arrived back in Korea Tuesday night. Went right back to work on Wednesday morning. I hope to get some new posts up soon, but for now the jetlag is too strong to think about exploring and taking photos. You can definately expect some posts about making makkoli in the next few weeks because the boyfriend has now deemed our house a "winery" and has started brewing makkoli and fruit wines. Soon we'll start with beer, too, I brought $90 worth of beer making supplies from the US with me. I still have a few posts I hope to write about America... you'll probably see those before any posts about Korea come up. Expect light posting for the next few months to a year because I'm still working full time plus taking an online class in curriculm design, plus working on another 6 month long project as well. -_-. No rest for the weary.
Until then.... 조안나

Self-portrait I took while getting ready for a wedding on Saturday in Plattsburgh, NY