Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Endeavors

Well, today is my last full day in America. As usual I'm way behind on posts... I even have a few more left from Korea. I'm hoping that with my 24 hour flight to Georgia (2 four hour layovers... who scheduled that???) I might get some blogging/ writing done. If I don't have internet, I could at least write something and post it later. I'm half done with two Korea posts and I have photos posted for a third... and another one planned in my head. I'm still blogging for the Korea blog, so I'd like to get something... never mind all my readers that may not care about reading about my other strange adventures.

My plane leaves tomorrow at 10:40 am... that means at least I get some sleep this time. Flying American Eagle (American Airlines) to NYC then Turkish Airlines the rest of the way to Georgia, transferring in Istanbul. I'm really not looking forward to flying. Hopefully this time I won't have some guy making fun of my fears sitting next to me on the flight like when I was flying home from Spain. Then again, maybe that's better than the time I freaked out the woman next to me by gripping the arm rests for half the flight and screaming when the plane lost a little altitude... You'd think I'd be used to flying by now....

Strangely, I'm not nervous at all (yet) about this new adventure. All I can think about right now is getting everything ready and flying. It's hard to worry about the situation in Georgia since I have no idea where I'll be placed. All I know is that when I arrive, I'll be in an orientation for 1 week studying Georgian, and learning about teaching methodology and who knows what else. Then I'll find out where I'm placed. Could be in the city, could be on a farm. It's hard to pack when you have no idea what the condtions are going to be. I could be using a squat toilet in an outhouse for 3 months... or I could be living in a modern apartment. I could be on top of a mountian in the snow, or I could be by the beach on the Black Sea.

Actually, I'm amazingly calm about this. People keep asking me where I'm going to be, and I keep telling them I have no idea. Apparently that would be a deal breaker for most people. But, I'm looking at this as an adventure, not a permanent move like with Korea, and therefore I am willing to accept whatever comes my way (I say this now...). It will probably do me good to use an outhouse. Millions of people around the world don't have access to things like indoor plumbing. It's time I join the crowd... at least for a little while. :-)

Anyhoo, next time you hear from me, it will probably be from Georgia, or at least en route. Look forward to more Korea posts and lots and lots about Georgia!

Update: I got a new look to go along with a new country... it's going to take some getting used to..  

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  1. That sounds so exciting! I can't wait to read about Georgia! I hope you have a safe trip! ^^