Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adventures in Boston

The Boyfriend arrived last Friday and so for our first full day together, Saturday, we took the day to explore the city.

First was lunch in Chinatown which perhaps seems odd, as I should be introducing American food to him, but both of our favorite cuisines are anything Asian, so we checked out one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants and got ourselves some pho and crispy noodles.

From there we walked through the Boston Commons and the Public Gardens and made our way through Beacon Hill, where Boston’s famed red brick district which everyone had told him he needed to check out. It was a little underwhelming for him, though, seeing as how most houses in Korea are also made of brick. He didn’t see what the big deal was…

From there we walked down to the Charles River and checked out the boat dock. We decided that Sunday we would rent a kayak and go out on the river, but when we returned the next day, ready to get out on the water, it turned out that the boathouse was closed for a 9/11 event nearby. We were quite disappointed.

Anyway, after checking out the boat dock we walked back to Fanuil Hall and walked through Haymarket, Boston’s outdoor vegetable and fruit market. He was so astounded by the cheap prices of some fruit that we bough seven oranges for $1.00 just because we could.

From there we walked through the North End, Boston’s Italian district, and found ourselves at Old North Church, the church made famous in the poem The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. That whole part about one if by land and two if by sea refers to the signal lit from the church tower as a signal warning of the British troops advances, one light if they advanced by land and two if they took boats across the Charles River.

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