Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aftermath of Irene in My Neigborhood

Here in Boston, we did not get struck with the devastating rain that many parts of New York and Vermont did, but we did get tropical storm force winds which did enough damage on their own and still, now 3 days after the storm on Wednesday there are still people without power in many towns. To folks (like my boyfriend) who say, why are you so worried about a tropical storm? This is my answer. These were taken on Monday after the storm had passed and the skies were blue. Again, not nearly as serious as what's still going on in Vermont, but nothing to be taken lightly either.

All these photos were taken while just walking from my house to the trolley station.

This is my  neighbor's fence (photo above and below), and that is my father's car. Now, if that branch had just been  a few feet to the right, it would have been our cars, not the neighbor's fence under a branch.

The next photo was taken at the end of my street. That is an entire tree, and yes, it is resting on the power lines.

Here, below, you have a cracked telephone pole, this photo was taken about 100 feet down from the photo above. The house in between this pole and the tree above, as far as I know, still has power lines on the ground on their front lawn.


Though, most homes look like these, with moderate sized branches piled up out front for someone to take away, someday.

How did your home fare in the storm?


  1. Yikes! That's a lot of damage in a short distance! Glad you didn't get the rain :{ We were really lucky in Nova Scotia: the eye of the storm veered away from us so all we got were a few periods of heavy rain and some higher-than-normal wind.

    No damage at your house, though? All ok?