Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mongolian, It's What's for Dinner!

Unsuspectingly mingled among the Russian restaurants in Dongdaemun's Russia Town, there also exists a huge Mongolian population with entire buildings dedicated to Mongolian operated businesses. Unsuspectingly, because Mongolia also uses the Cyrillic alphabet like Russia, so, to the untrained eye, the two are indistinguishable by only looking at the writing.

And so, with this little bit of info, we ventured into Russia Town and found ourselves in a tall building filled only with Mongolian businesses. Mostly hair dressers, cell phone vendors and travel agents on the upper floors, but the first two floors have restaurants and a Mongolian grocery store.

We settled into the shabbier of the two restaurants we found (usually the shabbier the better tasting in my experience) and we pointed at a few things on the menu that looked interesting. My two favorites were the noodles (see first photo) and the giant fried dumplings (see below). I didn't like the galbi in the last photo at all, but others did, so I don't know. The soup (above) was good, but paled in comparison to those amazing noodles and dumplings.

Next time you're in Dongdaemun, make sure to make your way into Russia/Mongolia town across the street from Good Morning City. You never know what surprises await you!!

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