Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dick on a Stick and Other 꼬치 Delicacies

I'm not sure how this came up, but one of my friends decided he wanted to eat a penis. And, of course, the boyfriend piped in that he knew exactly where that could be done. At our one and only favorite Chinese food restaurant! Here you can find bull penis, not served....whole.... but served thinly sliced on skewers. This is only one among many odd things you can get on skewers here, actually.

It's grilled over charcoals in the table. They're already pre-cooked, though, boiled in fact, before they are sliced and skewered, so the grilling is just for flavor.

And how did it taste? Pretty much like chewy nothing. The taste is not strong at all but it is chewy as heck. We only ordered half an order of these, thankfully, because I doubt we could have eaten 10 skewers worth of these things.

But, as I said, bull penis wasn't the only thing they have on their skewer menu. We decided we'd give chicken heart a chance as well. This one was much tastier than the bull penis, by far. I guess if you think about it, a heart is just a muscle, not unlike all the other meat we eat, right? This was a little tough, but tasty. It was just hard to get comfortable with the idea of eating a heart...

Fortunately, we made sure to order plenty of the good old standby at any Chinese restaurant in Korea. 양꼬치 or lamb skewers. We tried two different kinds of lamb meat. The standard and lamb galbi. They were both delicious. Especially when dipped in the various spices in the photo below!

For more information and directions to this restaurant, see my post about it from last winter.  Even if you don't try some crazy stuff, this restaurants is one of my favorites in Seoul. We make sure we stop by every two months or so (sometimes more often) and my boyfriend is a well known customer in the shop, we get "service" every time!!

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