Thursday, July 14, 2011

Changgyonggung: 창경궁

Sorry, kind of lazy today... just photos... this was my second trip here, the first can be found here.

I was told that the chinese characters on this house mean something to the effect of "communication building" ... aka, where the king had sex.

Burial place for the placenta of births in the palace...

Love love taking photos of this sun dial. Actually won a photo contest with similar photos from my old camera 2 years ago, but the file size was so small they couldn't accept the photo in the end.... :-(

Make a wish!

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  1. I went there and didn't see the "wish" fountain :( ,,,,or maybe I did see it but didn't know I was supposed to make a wish :/

    I like the new layout!, my blog has also been changed n_n