Monday, July 18, 2011

Immediate and Future Plans

Well, readers, another chapter of my life in Korea is drawing to a close. I leave this Thursday for a well needed escape from the Hermit Kingdom. I head to London for 3 days to visit a friend there, then am meeting a friend from the States for a 2 week romp around Spain, then it's back to America for me. But, as you may have guessed, I don't plan on staying long... I'm far to restless for that. I am hoping to be back to Korea by mid-September, but after going to a few job interviews this past week or two and realized that me not having my FBI background check ready (got confirmation that it arrived exactly one week ago in the FBI's office) is going to cause big problems for coming back quickly. I formulated out a plan on how I could have it by mid-September (the plan involves driving down to DC to get the apostille in person, but I kind of wanted to go to DC anyway...), that could still prevent me from getting a job until end of Oct/Nov because even after you get the apostille, it still takes 7-10 days to process in Korea before they can issue a visa clearance number. Anyway, it could happen with some luck, but, let's say I'm not counting on any luck since I've been rather out of that substance for the past 4 months on every endeavor I've tried.

There is a possibility that I may spend a few months working in Georgia (the country, not the state). I've been looking at the Teach and Learn program in the Republic of Georgia. The country looks amazing and totally different from Korea. It's also really nice because they allow teachers to come in for only one semester if they want, plus round trip airfare. It would give me more time to get the FBI background check handled and I could more leisurely find a job for January back here. I've been deliberating on this point for a while and there's still no decision in sight but after a great job interview today... I mean great except that it would be impossible for me to start before November.... I'm starting to think about this Georgia thing more seriously. Going to Georgia would also mean that I could be home for Christmas because their semester ends right before the holiday.

But, in any case, whether I come back to Korea some how or another, or go to the Republic of Georgia for a semester and come back, I hope my beloved readers keep following. And, just because I'm leaving Korea, doesn't mean that there will be no more posts about Korea. I've got enough photos in my computer to keep writing for a year... and I'm sure in August I'll be pretty bored, sitting around my house in America with nothing to do, so keep tuned for more Korea posts and lots and lots of Europe posts in the next month or so!!

And for those of you who are curious what will happen with me and the boyfriend when I leave, he's already planning a trip to the states in September to visit me and meet my parents so I'm not too worried! I'm really looking forward to showing him around my country. We've already got plans to go to Vermont for a day or two and maybe DC if the trip needs to be taken so I can get back here.


  1. Good luck on your Trip!!!
    Hope you can get the job that you want to :)
    We'll be waiting for your next posts, Korean/European or American, either way I know we'll enjoy them

  2. Hey, I'm the couchsurfer you and your boyfriend stayed with in Jinbu. I'm back in the States, living with my parents until I find a job and I'm an hour from DC. If you want to meet after getting your apostille, I could tour you around DC. And if I remember correctly, you're from the Boston area, right? You would be CRAZY to drive. You should take the train, you can take it from South Station to Wash DC - Union Station for about $89 each way--cheaper than gas and tolls and parking is not pleasant in DC! And almost all the museums are FREE in DC!

  3. Hey there!! Long time no see! If I do make it down to DC I'll def send you a message! Wow, it seems I have a lot of people I need to see down there, maybe I should take a few days in order to visit everyone!!