Saturday, February 12, 2011

Korean Movie Review: GLove

Friday night I went to see the Korean movie 글러브 or GLove. It's a typical sports movie where a new coach comes in and turns a riffraff team of misfits into winners.

Here the story revolves around the coach, a washed up baseball star who is no longer allowed to play in the Korean baseball league. To get back into the league's good graces he decides to do some community service by coaching a baseball team at a school for the deaf. While the coach has attitude problems at first, and thinks he's too good to be a coach for these kids who can't even hear the crack of the bat, he soon finds the passion for the sport that he lost long ago.

The main character on the team is the pitcher who lost his hearing only in middle school. He doesn't fit in with the other team members and doesn't want to join the team. But, because of his incredible skill, the coach convinces him to play for the team, and he gives the other boys confidence to improve and play better.

The team goes into the national tournament, up against the best teams in the country with only a 10 man team (there are only 21 boys in the whole school). No replacements for injuries and no subs during the course of the game. Will the boys have what it takes to compete against the best of the best? Watch and find out!

This movie was formulaic at best, but as all these sport movies tend to be, it was heartwarming and humorous at times. At the moment it's playing in Seoul, subtitled, at certain CGVs such as Myongdong. Look for the (영문자막) next to the title. Yea, they don't have write in English that there is an English subtitled movie. Great marketing as ever. As usual, catching their targeted audience and whatnot... I wish I worked in the marketing department for CGV... oh what I would do with their English language marketing....


  1. Thanks for a good review. I'm gladded you flagged the problem with sub-titles -- so, DOES this have English sub-titles?? (Those used in the trailer sure were not in English..@@)! I'm almost deaf so would like to see the film...but I'd definitely need sub-titles I can read! ;'}

  2. It does have subtititles. At this point, it might be too late to catch it in the theaters, but when it comes out on film, if you can find a leagal copy (or just a bootleg of the legal copy) you can watch it with the subs. Although, every Korean movie I've heard of has subs by the time it comes out on DVD anyway.

  3. where to watch it online? When will Funshion have this movie???

  4. Wish I knew. Usually I use but I don't know when it will start to get on the internet... It's recent so it's not on DVD yet I'm sure.