Wednesday, February 16, 2011

대관령 눈꽃 축제 Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

Sunday afternoon we left Yongpyong a little early to catch the snow festival in Hoenggye, the town at the base of Yongpyong Resort. It's an annual festival held every February and hosts all kinds of snow and winter related events. This year it runs from 2/12-2/20, so if you happen to be in the area, you still have one more weekend to check it out. This year's theme was clearly the bid for the 2018 winter Olympics. As the IOC (International Olympics Committee) was set to roll in for inspections of the area the following day, the streets were lined with signs welcoming the committee. Throughout the festival we could see the Olympic theme.

Sledding and an interesting form of skating which involved sitting on a board with blades and pushing oneself with wooden sticks were popular events at the festival.

The biggest attraction seemed to be the snow sculptures which were incredibly well designed. From cartoon characters to angels, snowmen and chess pieces this was interesting enough for me to make the festival worthwhile going. 

When you start to get cold, head indoors to check out some of the warmer activities...

There was everything from ddeok making, to arrow making, to chocolate making, and more! 

A walk around the back will bring you to an expo of children's depictions of the 2018 Olympics in Pyongchang. 

For more information, you can visit the festival homepage at . If you arrive in the town of Hoenggye, it won't be hard to find. The town is small and it's right in the center of town.  This festival would be a blast for kids and maybe a nice stop if you happen to be in the area for adults.


  1. Looks like fun - I was actually thinking of going myself. What's the best / easiest way to get there?

  2. Well, I'm spoiled because my boyfriend has a car. But, there are buses and, looking at my Korea Grand Sale brochure, it seems as though there is one of those free shuttle buses for foreigners that goes to the resorts. It must be a winter thing because I don't remember seeing it before. That can take you as far as the ski resorts, then you can take a taxi or hitchhike or walk back to town...

    I'd recommend combining it with a trip to the area. There's a trout festival going on in the next door town of Jinbu (I'm gona post about it later, but the qiranger did a really good video about it already) The festival is technically over, but they're still fishing and there's still some activities. And of course, if you haven't been to Yongpyong yet, I highly recommend it, even if you don't ski. It was the filming location for the drama Winter Sonata so the place is always full of tourits from all over asia. Maybe you'll bump in to me there if you take the gondola up to the top since I spend every Sunday on that mountain.

    If you want cheap accommodations, the hostel at Yongpyong is only 11,000 per night, but get there early as it's first come first serve.

    If you have any other questions, let me know cuz I prob know the area better than any other foreigner since I'm there every weekend... I've got a series of posts dedicated just to Yongpyong resort coming, but I want to write about my trip to Busan and the trout festival first.

  3. Hi, I wonder if you can advise on the return to Hoenggye Bus Terminal from Sheep Farm. If there are no cabs around, how about walking back? My plan is to visit the sheep farm followed by Yongpyong Resort. Then catch a bus back to Seoul in the evening from the resort. Thanks!

  4. It'd be a hike, that's for sure... don't remember exactly since it's been 3 years since I've been to the sheep farm, but maybe a few km? could always hitchhike I guess if there's no buses or cabs...