Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Smorgasbord of Strange Meats (and a cake)

Last night we visited 서래, a Korean Barbecue Restaurant (and I don't mean bulgogi) near Sindang Station. I was hoping for some delicious galbi, but unfortunately I let the boyfriend order. He ordered the 모듬 or a little of everything dish. As with most meat houses like this, the meat is served raw (see photo above) and you cook it yourself on your own personal grill.

Here we have some 갈매기살, 항정살, and 돼지껍데기 ( pig skin). Neither of us were a big fan of the pig skin the flat one, though when dipped in a soybean flour and gochjang, it was palatable.

Not shown here was the intestines, which, believe it or not, I did manage to try. One, very small bite, but I still tried it. It was very chewy, and a bit burnt, but that's all I can tell you about that.

After dinner, we brought a cake over to our friend's house, since yesterday was her birthday. This is a cheese cake from Paris Baguette. While it's not quite like an American style cheese cake, I've grown to like this kind of cheese cake as much as an American style cheese cake. I don't think I'll ever love this more than an American cheese cake though. Korean cheese cakes tend to be more cakey and less cheesy. It's probably healthier too though...


  1. ooh i have been to Sore too near Kyunghee uni, and i loved it >w< we had 냉면 and 삼겹살.. i really enjoyed that place, it was sooo noisy and fun. hehehe

  2. Did they shout whenever something happend? For example, whenever a group came in, they shouted in unison "오서 오십시요!". It kind of reminded me of Coldstone Creamery at home...

  3. yes yes they did! :))) that was the best. i suppose that's their unique feature? anyhow i've never been to any restaurants in Korea (or here at home.. Hungary) that is similar in this...~