Monday, July 5, 2010

Movie Review 포화속으로: 71- Into the Fire

Yup, two movie reviews in one weekend. Amazing, huh? Tonight I went to Myongdong CGV to see 포화속으로, or 71- Into the Fire. This is a movie that takes place during the Korean War. It is fitting that this movie has come out this summer because June 25, 2010 was the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

The movie is the true story of 71 "student soldiers" who were recruited and, without training, were put on guard as human sheilds to protect the city of Pohang in the south of Korea while all the trained soldiers were sent to the front lines. The movie is a grave reminder of how desperate the South was for troops at the time. High school students had to be recruited to fight against the North who was rapidly advancing towards Busan.

This movie was certainly entertaining, but it had a certain Holywood feel to it. Things were over dramatized and the final battle scene didn't feel realistic at all. What these 71 boys did in real life, was pretty amazing. They actually held of advancing North Korean troops for 11 hours before reinforcements came. During the credits, they actually had short interviews with two survivors of the battle, which is known as the Battle of Pohang Girl's Middle School, because they held off the North Korean soldiers from the inside of the school. I don't feel, though, that the movie did much justice to the actual event.

Anyway, do I recommend it? Sure, it was fun to watch, and an interesting war movie. Just, be sure you go in knowing that it's Hollywood drama here.

You can still catch this movie showing at CGV in Myeongdong or Yongsan with English subtitles, but go soon, because I don't know for how much longer.

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