Sunday, July 11, 2010

Han River at Night

Friday night I went down to the Han Riverfront near Ttukseom Resort station and walked for a bit. I've never been down to the riverfront at night, so it was nice to see everything lit up. The wonderful thing about Seoul is that it's a city that never sleeps, and people are always out finding interesting places to hang out at all hours of the day and night. Here it was 10 o'clock at night and it seems like the riverfront was just getting started for the night. People come with beers and boxes of fried chicken to chill out with friends and relax. Ajumas and ajosshis are out with mats to cover the ground while they relax with their spouse or friends. Guys have fishing rods with little lights attached to the bait, trying their hardest to catch a fish... although, I wouldn't eat a fish that came out of this river, personally.

One of my favorite things about the night scenery in Seoul are the bridges. This bridge looks so beautiful lit up with green and gold. Someday, though, I need to get some pictures of the water bridge, which is a crazy bridge that's lit up like a rainbow and shoots water at certain intervals. Even the riding the bridge itself feels like you're swimming, as they constructed it to feel as though you're moving in waves.

Some folks were shooting off fireworks. So pretty at night!

This boat is used as a reception hall for weddings and other events. But, it seems that when there's no wedding going on, they have it open as a chicken and beer HOF. You can also rent duck boats here to paddle around the hangang too. But, at 13,000 won for 30 minutes, it was a bit pricey for us.
Here you can see Olympic Stadium in Jamsil. It's design is pretty unmistakable.

I highly recommend taking a walk along the Hangang at some point, night or day. There's always some interesting sights and even late at night you'll never feel unsafe.

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