Monday, June 8, 2009

Namsan in Gyeongju

Namsan is a mountain area just a 5 minute drive from downtown Gyeongju. Not only is is a beautiful place to hike, but it is scattered with hundreds of Buddhist remains from the Silla period. I did only a short hike, but I still managed to see a lot. For those with better endurance than I, much more can be seen. This is a must see in Namsan. Enjoy the photos!

Jump shot from a nice view point near the top.

The first of many small shrines we found along the way.

A beautiful Buddha that has been restored

The tallest Buddha around...

Small hermitage midway up the mountain. Though the monks weren't chanting while we were there, they still played the mantras over a loudspeaker and you could hear them within a 500 m radius or so...
Carvings on the wall
Buddhist worshiper. She was right behind us most of the way up the mountain.

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