Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip to the hair salon

Before / After

Well, I finally worked up the courage to visit a Korean hairdresser. I've heard (and seen) some of the atrocities caused by Korean hairdressers on Westerner's hair. It's not their fault, really... our hair is just a completely different texture than Korean hair... god forbid if you have any curls... then you're really screwed. And we tend to want different hair styles.

But, I finally broke down and decided to go last week. Besides the language barrier, the only major difference was the fact that they cut hair dry here. They don't even wet it with a squirt bottle. Though I found it odd, though, because my boyfriend got his hair cut, and they used a squirt bottle on his hair... why on short hair and not on long hair??? I don't get it.

Anyway, I wasn't sure about the results the day of... she straightened it using just the hair dryer and a brush (yes, they have straighteners here... this is also the home of magic straight... or was that Japan?). But, I've found on most days it looks pretty decent without even blow drying it. Actually, the photo above that I just took a few minutes ago doesn't really do it justice... some days it looks really pretty good... especially the bangs. I'm satisfied. And I only paid 10,000 won for it.

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