Thursday, May 24, 2012

Want to come to Korea for free? Here's how...

Just got this in my inbox today, thought I'd share it with all you Korea lovers living abroad....

Essay Contest

Write an essay about a three-day trip to hidden travel destinations in Korea, and what you would do during your trip. The winner will be given a chance to visit the destination and take part in various cultural activities.

Eligible Applicants: All non-Koreans around the world (Foreigners living in Korea and Koreans
with foreign nationality may also apply)
How to Apply: Write an essay about a three-day trip to hidden or unknown travel destinations in
Korea that you want to visit (additional user created contents also accepted)
Accepted Language: All 11 Languages Broadcast by KBS World Radio
Application Period: June 1 ~ July 15, 2012 (through e-mail or postal mail)
Judging Criteria: originality, creativity and how informative the content is
Grand Prize: One winner will win an all expense paid trip to Koreaincluding round trip airfare
Other Prizes: 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as eight other top essays will win digital
cameras, MP3 players etc. (prizes subject to change)
Other participants: Approximately 100 other participants will be given small memorabilia
Please Note: All pictures, sounds or videos used in user created contents must not violate copyright infringement laws
For more information please visit our homepage at or email us at

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  1. Interesting - it sounds right up my alley, although I wonder if they'd award the prize the other way around (from Korea to the US and back again!)...