Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Is Your Blood Type?

Here is a quick cultural insight I wrote up for the boyfriend's book which will hopefully be published in the next few months. Though I'd share it with you.

What is your blood type?

Have you been asked this question before? Koreans love to ask and guess people’s blood type or 혈액형. This is not only found in Korea, but is also a common question in Japan as well. Blood type is often used to judge a person’s personality and character, so when you’re asked this question, they’re trying to figure out a little more about you, much like asking one’s zodiac sign in western countries.

Here is a quick summary of the traits of each blood type. Be sure to ask your Korean friends about their blood types!

Type A:
Type A blood types tend to be extremely calm, seek harmony and are always courteous to others. They are also very responsible and like taking charge of the job at hand. They are perfectionists and have a hunger for success. Despite this, they tend to be shy and uncomfortable around groups of people.

Type B:
Ask any Korean woman how they feel about Type B men and they’ll tell you to stay clear. They are known as 바람둥이, players, and are known for being quick tempered. Many women won’t even consider a date with anyone who is a B형. Besides this small detail, B types are known for being very practical. They are specialists at what they do and they pay special attention to details.

Type O:
Folks with blood type O are thought of as the most even keeled of the lot. They are outspoken, but also value the opinions of others. They tend to be self-confident and like to be the center of attention. They are also optimistic for the future but prepared for the worst.

Type AB:
AB types tend to be a bit of everything. Some have described them to look like a B형 on the outside, having a quick temper and changing their minds easily. At the same time, they are A형 on the inside, trustworthy and responsible.

What do you think? Does this fit your blood type?


  1. I'd say it's really accurate - However, it's the first time I've seen this particular write-up. Well done.

    Posted to Twitter. ;-)