Monday, May 16, 2011

Suzhou, China: City of Canals

For our last full day of our trip to China, we took the train to Suzhou, a nearby city, about 1 hour away by bullet train. One of Suzhou's claims to fame is it's beautiful, ancient canal waterways. The city felt so much cooler than Nanjing where the heat was just stifling. I'm guessing it must be because of the canals.

The one thing I really had looked forward to doing here in Suzhou was taking a canal boat ride. In the end, it was the one thing we wound up not doing (but spent 4 hours trying to do) but on the way we had lots of amazing adventures and saw some beautiful sights. When we finally found the boat we wanted to ride, we had decided that we had seen so many canals it wasn't worth the 150 RMB to rent the boat and do it again from just another perspective.

We ended our day at a lovely little cafe with a kettle of tea and a never ending thermos of hot water to keep the tea coming. We watched as the boats passed by and appreciated the beauty of the moment.


  1. A perfect way to end the day! Loved these posts on China. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed Jo, and there's still one more post about Suzhou coming up for tomorrow! And one more about food! The fun never ends!!