Monday, May 16, 2011

Suzhou, China: City of Gardens

Suzhou's other claim to fame is it's gardens. Rather than going to one of the biggest and famous ones, we decided instead to check out two small ones. First was the Master of the Nets Garden.

The garden intertwines living spaces and nature to form a beautiful garden. I wish we could have hired a tour guide. So many folks here were on tours and there seemed to be so much to learn about this history here. Someday, when I'm rich, I suppose...

Then our second garden we headed to was called Lion Grove Garden. This was similar and yet totally different from the Master of the Nets. Again, intertwining living spaces and nature to form a garden, it is similar to the Master of the Nets, but here was a huge labyrinth formed into the rocks. walking up, down, around in, the path through the rocks twisted around in a small area that took ages to escape from. All I could imagine was how much fun it must have been for children, ages ago, who must have lived here or visited here. Oh, the hide and seek games that could be played here!

One day was not nearly enough to explore all that Suzhou had to offer. I wish I could have stayed here a week to see everything! Suzhou is a must see on any trip to China. And if I were to do it again, I think I might have passed over Nanjing and spent all my time here! At least for the sights. Though Nanjing did have some amazing food and crazy cheap massages, so it's hard to say what city is better!

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  1. Nice blog posts on China, especially Nanjing and Suzhou. I went to the Lion Grove Garden too and it was quite good, though much more crowded than when you went, it seems.