Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Routine

I've started a new routine this month which has left me with little time for blogging (but don't worry, I'm still here!).

When I finished my level 4 class at Metro Korean Academy last month, I felt completely inadequate to continue on to level 5 as I've had little time and motivation to study in the past few months, plus being in a constant state of sickness from October-December. I decided I needed a month to 'take it easy' and do a little more exercising in hopes to make my body healthier.

Thus, I decided to enroll at the Chungmu Art Hall's yoga class. Only 48,000 won for one month, 3 days a week. A bargain if nothing else. But.... there's still this part of me that is planning on going to study in Korean university this spring and feels (as usual) completely inadequate in my Korean skills and probably going to pass into a beginner Korean  class rather than the upper intermediate (level 4) where I want to be. So, I asked to take a less intensive class at the hagwon and I got placed in a Tuesday Thursday conversation class. It's an interesting enough class, but I feel a bit overwhelmed since the other girl in the class is miles ahead of me in her Korean ability.

So, anyway, this month of 'taking it easy' means that I have class every weekday morning at 10 am rather than only 3 mornings a week. Yoga, while I'm sure is great for my body, is leaving me slightly sore every day, plus skiing now on the weekends will probably mean constant muscle pain until spring. Plus, less blog updating and less phone calls home to America.

But, as of Jan. 31st, I am officially done with my contract and changing to a part time schedule at another school.

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  1. Congrats on pushing through the (inevitable) agony of tackling Korean. The Yoga class sounds very cool too ;)