Saturday, January 15, 2011

Last weekend in Gangwondo

 Last weekend we headed up to Gangwondo Saturday night. We found a couchsurfer in Jinbu to stay with for the night. Couchsurfing is so great. You can meet new people and it's always a surprise what kind of experience you'll have with them.

Our host brought us to the best bulgogi restaurant I've been to in Korea. I know bulgogi is really famous Korean food, but I rarely eat it in restaurants, because it tends to be really expencive and not really as good as when we make it at home. Here in Jinbu, they cooked it in a broth so it was really tender



We also got some dwengchang jjigae to go with it, since it was only 1,000 won. In Gangwondo, dwengchang is slighly different than in Seoul. As you can see, it is a very dark brown color, and the taste is a little stronger, or at least I thought so.

We skied at Yongpyong all morning until about 2pm. We took a break and took a nap at the boyfriend's friend's luxury condo for an hour or two, then headed out at 6:30 for another hour of night skiing. This year I have a season pass, so I can ski for just a short time and not feel guilty about quitting after and hour or two since I don't have to buy a pass every time I want to ski.

After we finished skiing for the night, we got some dinner. This is 오삼불고기 (osambulgogi). It's maranated squid and pork, fried with some vegetables. It's not bad. 

And this fish jjigae litterally had the whole fish thrown in, as you can see. I always seem to eat strange food like this when I'm in Gangwondo... or maybe it's just the company I'm with when I happen to be in Gangwondo. I'm not sure.

We were going to drive home that night, but when we thought about staying the night at the luxury condo vs. driving home for 3 hours and then going into our house where we turned down the heat as low as we could, we chose to sleep at the condo and leave early in the morning. For the first time in months, I was actually too warm, and I tried to enjoy it as much as I could before we left at 6:30 the next morning to head back to Seoul.

I'm off to Yongpyong soon for more skiing this weekend. But, I'm a little afraid of the weather. It's -12˚C in Seoul today, the mountain will be much much colder.

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