Sunday, January 16, 2011

More on the F-2-7 visa...

Ok, me and the boyfriend have been doing investigations all night on this beast. Only on unofficial websites like blogs and newspaper articles have I been able to find information on the new points system which was updated this year. All these sources that I have been finding all night were written last spring when the new visa rules were first announced, but I couldn't find anything official from the Seoul government in English on any website. FINALLY, after quite a long search, the boyfriend stumbled across the official document on, effective 9/1/2010, with the point system. This looks more official than any of the edited things I've seen floating around the internet, so we made a jpg and I'm posting it here. Sorry, I'm lazy and not translating it for you. If you can't read it, find a Korean to translate it for you.

These points, if you look carefully, are not the same as ones you will find on the other websites I mentioned. By this chart, by my math, if I can pass the intermediate TOPIK exam and do a little community service (which will be easy since there is a free class for ajummas and ajoshis that will need a teacher soon at the community center where I study Korean) I should be set. Oh, and take the culture class offered by the government. But, I'll have lots of time in a few weeks and the class should start up in February or March.

I'll ask again. Is there anyone out there that has gone through the process of getting the F-2-7 visa or have looked into it and can confirm for me that this is the correct point system? By the other point system, I come up a good 15 points short, but on this one I come up possibly with one extra point... by my math...


  1. This is the correct form, or at least the one I obtained from immigration last year (when it was still the F-2-S).

  2. Then where are these other point systems that are floating around out there coming from??