Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Silliest of Holidays: Pepero Day

Another Pepero Day has come and go. Of course, you know, 11/11 is Pepero Day, don't you?  It's the day you give chocolate covered cookie sticks to everyone you know.

Why? Well, obviously because it's 11/11 and the date looks like four sticks of pepero. Isn't that reason enough?

Here is just some of the goodies I received. I got another one today (Tuesday). I think the girl meant to give it to me last week but must have forgotten. But it was homemade. Way to go for fighting the system. Screw Lotte out of the money they thought they were making from forming a holiday to celebrate a product. Though... I think all the other pepero I received makes up for her making hers at home...

Here's my post on the subject from two years ago:


  1. I'm actually quite fond of Pepero Day, since it offers a fun time for all leading up to the secularized version of Christmas that's celebrated here. Lotte's marketing department did their homework and hit a home run with this one. It's far more fun and useful than the slew of Hallmark Holidays in the US.

  2. It's obviously a good marketing day, like Valentine's Day in North America or other days in Europe. But if you have the opportunity to give a sweet thing to someone you like, it isn't so bad after all :)

  3. You guys have kind of hit the nail on the head. It's not a holiday, it's a marketing scheme. I mean, most american holidays are too, but at least we can pretend that they're not. There's no way around it, this is not a holiday, this is just good marketing. I don't really like the idea that you have to give gifts in general, and especially not for a holiday like this. I do like the kids who make thier own pepero though, that's really cool.

    Also, I might appreciate this holiday more if it fell not so close to so many other holidays that focus on eating (halloween, thanksgiving, christmas) If this holiday fell in June, I think I might appreciate it much more. On that particular day I was starting to feel better because I wasn't consuming copious amoutns of left over halloween candy, but then the pepero started rolling in and... well.. you know, I ate like 5 boxes of pepero in 3 days. Not healthy...

  4. Um, just because somebody gave you 5 boxes doesn't mean you have to eat them all ... and I think the expiration date might be a bit longer than 3 days.

    I should talk. In my house, chocolate chip cookies have an expiration date of about 30 minutes.

  5. haha, point taken bobster... I have one little problem in life. While I don't crave sweets (so I never buy them for myself)I have this problem where if it's sitting in front of me it has to be eaten. i think I rationalize it with, the faster I eat it, the faster it will go away. But of course... that reasoning usually just gives me a stomachache when I eat an entire box of pepero in 5 mins. Same went for the halloween candy. I kept finding more and more candy on my desk, so every time I found it, I just ate it. But, more and more kept appearing so my desperate attempt to make them disappear was futile.

  6. kinda funny that your pepero day post is your 11th post in november. ㅋㅋㅋ