Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Couchsurfers, grilled meat and donuts

In our house with the Filipina couchsurfers

Last week was a busy week in our home. Monday and Tuesday we hosted two Filipina women who were visiting Korea for the week. Then Wednesday night, the same French couchsurfers who came in September came back until Sunday morning before they flew out of Korea.

Since Saturday was their last day in Seoul, they wanted to eat some galbi as their last real meal before leaving. So, we met my friend and her boyfriend and walked around Sincheon until we found a decent looking place. Note to self, most galbi restaurants aren't open in the afternoon. Finally, we found a place and wound up ordering a 40,000 plate of various cuts of meat, including samgyupsal, galbi along with other unidentified tasty things and an overwhelming amount of mushrooms. Split between 5 people, the price was quite reasonable!

Meat and Mushrooms 

After our feast of grilled pork, we got on the discussion of dessert. And how in France (I was the only one at the table who wasn't either French or had not lived in France) people always eat dessert after meals. We toyed with the idea of going to that pie place in Itaewon, but eventually we settled with going to Krispy Kream since they had never seen one before, and because Itaewon is not exactly close from Sinchon.

Ben, Gaelle and cheesecake donuts
While I'm not a fan of donuts in general, and specifically those from Krispy Kreme (me + that much sugar = stomachache) , our guests seemed quite happy with their donuts.

But the part we got the most excited for was the "Doughnut Theater" in the back. When the donuts started flowing, we all stood around watching for quite some time examining the process. We got sad when two donuts got stuck together and got put in the trash. And we pondered how the donut shape was formed. Was it one long piece of dough stuck together at the ends? Was it one round piece of dough with the middle carved out? But, they had a mirror in place so that you could only see the frying and glazing part of the process. Boo.

Anyway, from there is when the Halloween adventures of the last post began, so if you're interested, check out my last post.

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  1. They punch the hole out from the middle and sell donut hole separately.