Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween in Hongdae

 I had no costume, I had no plans.... yet, somehow I found myself dressed up, in Hongdae with my friend who was wearing one of the most popular costumes around. My friend, who I'll call Frida Kahlo for this post couldn't walk 3 feet without a foreigner shouting, "Oh my god! You're Frida Kahlo!" or having a Korean stop and get their photo with her. That took up the majority of our evening, but it was so funny it didn't bother me at all. No one cared about my dumb costume, but at least I put on something to go out. No one wants to be without a costume on Halloween. 

 After a dinner of dalkgalbi, we made our way to the park with some zombies with the intention to mingle and/ or scare some Koreans. When we arrived we found ourselves in the middle of a giant party called a silent disco. The whole premise was that all the music was broadcast into headphones so that effectivly anyone not "in" was bearing witness to a party in silence.

We never figured out how to get the headphones, but it didn't matter. We just fed of the good vibes and all the folks dressed up. I never made it anywhere else, that kept me entertained until 2 am when I had to call it quits because I had to get up early the next morning.

The following are some of the more interesting costumes that I came across and was able to  photograph. 

 The four of us who made it out. French painter, zombie, Frida, and Astrix

Until next year...


  1. You can sign up for the silent disco in advance online to reserve headphones. http://silentdisco.co.kr/