Thursday, August 6, 2009

US Jounalists releaced from North Korea

Bill Clinton made an unexpected trip to North Korea to apologize on behalf of the two American journalists who happened to work for Al Gore's Internet news channel. Fortunately, he was able to get them out of labor camp and back home to their families. Too bad he couldn't have negotiated for all the Japanese and South Koreans still being held hostage there too, but I guess we can't be too greedy. Head over to CNN to check out the full story.


  1. I followed this story pretty closely. Another thing that's too bad about this is that the journalists had to be there as long as they were. All Kim Jong Il wanted was an apology, but also his picture taken with the former president while the president was smiling. The only thing that former President Bill Clinton refused to do was smile. He remained fairly stone-faced throughout the trip. Apparently, when he was in office, Clinton never made a trip to North Korea. It was decided ahead of time, unfortunately, that while there Clinton would make mention of no other issues.

    The trip wasn't completely unexpected... it was planned.

  2. Well, yes, of course the trip was planned between DPRK and Clinton... but the general public had no idea until the day he left... which is quite unusual nowadays...