Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hyundai Opens Peace Talks With North

The JoongAng Daily reported today that the Chairwoman of Hyundai Group, who has been in Pyeongyang for the past week, initially bargaining for the release of a worker who was being held hostage. After she negotiated for his release, she stayed longer, and evidently did what the South Korean government has failed to do for the past 6 months, which is to resume tourism to the North, and resume work at the Kaesong Industrial Complex where South Korean companies have production lines just over the border in Kaesong in the North.

Talks with North Korea have been hostile, to put it mildly, since last November. Why all of a sudden this change of heart on the part of the North? I just don't get Kim Jong Il. It's like he's bipolar. One day he's your friend, and the next day he's ready to nuke you. It's also strange to me that all the negotiations that have gone on recently, have gone on between civilians with the DPRK. First with Bill Clinton, now the chairwoman of Hyundai. All these negotiations don't amount to much if the actual governments can't come to an agreement.

Anyway, check out the article here.

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